Background Check

You'll need an image, so you can use the one below:
Right click and save image to the "test" folder.

Open up your "" Somewhere after the 'setDisplay' properties, add this code:

Now open up your "imagelist.txt" and add this code:

Open KoolMoves and save file as 'SWF/Flash Movie'. Close KoolMoves. Open up your "test.html." Now you have a button background, but it's in the wrong place! So you either have to move it or move the buttons. We'll move the buttons. You do this by changing the code in the "" where it says "btnName.move(35,25);", with "btnName" being the name of the button, e.g., "btnPlay", "btnStop", etc. The first number moves away from the left edge, the second from the top. Try it.

Hint. It's:


Now open up your "test.html" and you should have working buttons! Now let's play around with those buttons.