Do You See That!

Open up your "". In it add this code:


This sets up your display, the movie screen so to speak. Open KoolMoves and this time, just save file as "SWF/Flash Movie." Close KoolMoves (Always 'yes' to save changes). Open up your "test.html" and now you should have two squares! That black one is the display screen, but there's nothing to see yet. So let's add something (Here are some short clips if you need. Extract where you can find them videos.rar). From the MP properties, select 'Playlist' , add a movie and give it a lable. While you're in there, set 'Start paused', 'no' and 'Repeat playlist', 'no'. Save file again and close KoolMoves.

Now when you open up the html file, the movie should be playing. You've made a KoolMoves Media Player! But that's not enough! Giddy with your new-found power, you need to "Take Control".