Setup KoolMoves

Open up KoolMoves. Make the movie size 400 width X 320 height. From the menu, select 'Objects', 'Add Component', 'Media Player'. Draw a shape the same size as the movie (400 X 320). Double clicking that shape should bring up the properties for the Media Player. Open up the 'skins' setting and find the Media Player named 'test'. Choose that as your Media Player. Save some where as "" From the menu select 'File', 'Export/Publish Movie', 'As SWF (Flash Movie) and HTML Page...'. Save both as "test" and close KoolMoves.

Find "test.html" and open it. That gray square is your Media Player! Or rather, that's the background underlay for your Media Player that you created with this code (For the sake of brevity, "Media Player" shall henceforth be known as "MP"):

AssetManager.registerBitmapDataAsset(new BitmapData(2,2,false,0xcccccc),'under');

Now let's see if we can see something.