A CMS, or Content Management System, is just that, a system to manage content on your web site. The myCMS Content Management System is a CMS designed to make creating web pages simple and fast. Just choose a title, layout and menu item. Then add content in the administration section. Here you can add text and images with CKEditor, add a popup image gallery or image link gallery, a video gallery (hosted by you or an online video site like youTube), a list of links, or an audio player to the pages you create. Add news, events, and links pages. Add banners to you home page. Manage your menus and social media icons.

In the site category of the administration section, you can setup your site's information and look . Choose your site's name and what contact info you'd like to supply. Add meta-data for meta-tags. Manage administration users.

Then you can style your site with one of the supplied themes or ues the custom editor to set your own color scheme and look.