Modules are used to add and organize different content on your page. These are the included modules:

  • News*
  • Events*
  • Calendar*
  • Links*
  • Google Map*
  • Downloads*
  • Contact Page*
  • Banners
  • Social Media Icons

*Module is a page.

Module admin sections starts with an overview. Most modules have an Add Item link at the top. Page modules have a View Page link, page status and page header editor. Most module have sort options and sort staus under the page header. Items are usually sorted by dragging the Item Name or the   icon. If auto sort is checked, the database is sorted after each item is moved. If unchecked, a sort button appears next to it which needs to be pressed to sort the items. This is good for really big or slow databases. Checking sort only hides all item settings and info except for the title.

Items are usually deleted by checking them and clicking Delete Checked. Checking (All/None) checks/unchecks all items for deletion.